Stranger Than Fiction

Favorite Actors & Actresses |     Tilda Swinton
"I am a soldier. I live a soldier’s life when I’m working. That’s how it feels to me, except I’ve got a slightly greater chance of survival."

Favorite Actors & Actresses |     Woody Harrelson
“I’ve found that every time you stand up for something and open your mouth, you alienate someone. I spent a lot of time wanting to become rich and famous, then when I got there, I foun it was hollow. What is important to me is my connection with family and friends, and to nature, and to stand up for what I believe in. It really makes you feel good to follow through with your convictions. Granted, between opening my mouth and some of the movies I’ve chosen to do, I’ve alienated a lot of my fans, I’m sure. Hopefully I’ll make better movies, but I’ll never stop opening my large, prominent mouth.”

Favorite Actors & Actresses |     Reese Witherspoon
“I was thinking about why I make movies, and I know why. Life is hard. It’s nice to go escape and have a good time at the movies. If I can give people a movie about hope, love and the future, then I’ve done my job.”

Favorite Actors & Actresses |     Viggo Mortensen
“Well, I cerntainly wouldn’t be here and my face wouldn’t be up there on a poster if it wasn’t for the success of Lord Of The Rings. It’s just a fact: film-making, finance, life.”

Favorite Actors & Actresses |     Rachel Weisz
“You just have to play every scene honestly and forget about a reaction and what the audience is going to think. I think the more seriously you take something, the more funny it might be.”

Favorite Actors & Actresses |      Tom Hanks
“Some people go to bed thinking, ‘That was a good day’. I am one fo those who worries and asks, ‘How did I screw up today?’.”

Favorite Actors & Actresses |     Rachel McAdams
“I want to work with great directors and try not to put too much pressure on myself and just read things for the story and recognize when I’m drawn to something for the right reasons and try to maintain some sanity.”

Favorite Actors & Actresses |     Stanley Tucci
“The technique is the craft. You can take a plot and tell it over and over again but to me, there’s an individual truth to it. First of all, in order for it to be art it has to be truthful. Secondly, it has to be individually true. It’s that true individuality and that real truth that makes it art.”

Favorite Actors & Actresses |     Nicole Kidman
“To be an actor you have to have a certain amount of madness in you. That’s why, when people meet you and seem very together, they are quite surprised — they don’t see behind closed doors.”

Favorite Actors & Actresses |     Ryan Gosling
“I try not to make too many movies. I get sick of myself, so I can imagine how everyone else feels.”